Jewish Roots

Annemarie S. Kidder, PhD
Saturday, November 11

Suggested Offering: $25


The early Christians had as their only Scriptures the Old Testament.  With that only Jewish images and theological concepts were used and appropriated so as to explain the incarnation, the mystery of God becoming human, and the notion of God forming a chosen people and a new creation.  This session will explore several key concepts of the Jewish faith tradition as it existed in Jesus' day.  Such key concepts include creation, covenant, redemption, sacrifice, atonement, along with the Law and key leaders of the Jewish people, such as Abraham, Moses, and David.  These concepts are largely lost to us today, but they are crucial in order to better understand the metaphors and symbolism used by the Apostle Paul and found throughout the majority of the New Testament.


Annemarie Kidder
Annemarie S. Kidder, PhD, IHM Associate,
is an ordained Presbyterian pastor and has taught courses in philosophy, ethics, and Sacred Scripture on the university level.  She is the author and translator of several books on the New Testament, historical theology, and the spiritual disciplines.



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