Therese Lisieux

Patricia Cooney Hathaway, PhD
Saturday, September 30

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It takes many contemporary women a long time to truly appreciate Thérèse.  She has often been overly sentimentalized, "sugarized", cast in a certain icon of Catholic womanhood--sweet, childlike, passive, a victim.  That is not the real Therese!  Join us for an exploration of the human and spiritual journey that took her from a spoiled, pampered child to a young woman whose ardent love of God and insights into the spiritual life earned her the title of "Doctor of the Church." You may be surprised how much the challenges and victories of her journey will bring insight and guidance to your own.


Patricia Cooney HathawayPatricia Cooney Hathaway is professor of Spirituality and Systematic Theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary. She is a nationally renowned speaker on theology, spirituality, human and spiritual development and the author of Weaving Faith and Experience, A Woman's Perspective, and a number of articles dealing with the spiritual life.


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